Mountains Sticker


Like getting out in the Mountains? Want you van to stand out from the rest? Get your Mountains Sticker today!

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Get your Mountains Sticker today! There’s nothing more we love than getting out in the Van! Especially when we’re up in the Mountains having a brew after a walk with our dog Bella.

Nothing but the facts Maam!

  • Our Decals are GREAT. They’re premium super long-lasting outdoor vinyl designed to be used on Cars, Vans, Campervans…everywhere!
  • We think about the environment! All of our packaging is environmentally friendly and hassle-free. We ship all our vinyl vehicle decals in recycled envelopes or sturdy tubes with no plastic packaging at all to ensure that you receive your Mountains Decal sticker in perfect condition. That’s the Stickerbomber way!

The best Vinyl decals in Town…anywhere actually!

We can’t believe some of the rubbish out there! What some people get away with when they sell vehicle decals or stickers is amazing. From using really cheap nasty vinyl which won’t last, to selling products where you have to put the application tape on yourself! Beware of the very cheap vehicle decals or stickers! As the old saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for’. Want your decal to last ages in the LOVELY conditions we have? Good, so do we! We want you to buy more from us 😉 This Mountains vinyl decal Sticker is made from the same premium stuff that businesses use to brand their cars and for their outdoor signage.

How do we make these decals for Cars, Vans, Campervans so amazing?

We’re really proud of our vinyl vehicle decal because we Design everything in our studio in Warrington in the United Kingdom.

Firstly, the design is cut into the high-quality vinyl. Once cut, this The North West decal is then weeded by hand…yes, we hand finish every single decal we sell by removing all of the negative space from the decal you receive. We then add the application tape (this helps you align it perfectly) and then cut it to size by hand. Finally its put in recycled envelopes with no plastic packaging and sent straight to your door. That’s a whole bunch of steps for one decal. Some people think that’s quality overkill for a vinyl decal. We take that as a compliment. We love the look and feel of our vinyl decals and we’re not about to start compromising their quality.

Where can you stick your Mountains Sticker? We have a few suggestions!

Car bodies, Van bodies, Campervans, Caravans, truck bodies, windscreens, windows, laptops, guitars, drums, walls, fridges. Is your surface smooth? Then this vinyl decal will stick to it!

How do you stick your Mountains Sticker?

Great Question! CLICK HERE to see the easy guide

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